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IRE - The crowd-funded, third studio release from Ennui Breathes Malice out of Ballarat - Victoria - Australia


released December 25, 2014

Guest vocals performed by Nick Tsopanis, with String and Piano sections courtesy of Benjamin Hooper

Recorded at Complex Studios
Mixed and mastered by Zeuss



all rights reserved


Ennui Breathes Malice Ballarat, Australia

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Track Name: Mourning Son
Track Name: Zodiacal

Eleven visible piercings and a hidden pleasure I refuse to admit
Four months, I lapped water from skin so unfaithful yet sickly sweet (And sour) - I secretly hope Sagittarius waxes his ball sack and flicks it in your face

May chivalry treat you like a princess, but fuck you like a whore
And should the universe tease you, like the petty little boy that you were

Do all these horrible readings cause a vicious burning at our cusp?
Animals reek of fiery sin; so ungrateful, pathetic and weak (At the knees) - I secretly hope Sagittarius razors his scrotum and then slaps it on your face

We share absolutely nothing in common
We don’t hold anything in common at all
You and I share only a syllable with the fucking stars

Pity soils your pillow – I’m still alone
For now you sleep, sweetly
Track Name: Premature Infatuation (Ft.Nick Tsopanis)
Grow - Bloom - Grow

Recognise pestilence blossoming inspite of you

Screams perturb us from shallow perspective, as orgasm drips
As orgasm drips from the ceiling, it accentuates my regret
(You) Convince me this is fucking real
(Please) Convince us both it’s real again
The quivers felt between these filthy stale sheets, appropriate regret

Sow - Plant the seed of lust and need - Grow aware of deceit;
Insert the fertile seed - Become aware of this blooming misery

Dreams alert us all - Dreams alert us all to feigned attraction
As perfection grips - Perfection slips down through the evening
(You’ll) Pretend that this isn’t fucking real
(And) Convince yourself it’s all surreal
Shivers become contagious via frozen feet
These shivers - Those quivers - Emphasise my regret

When more than enough is less than nothing
Nothing will ever be enough
Enough is enough - I feel like nothing
Nothing will ever be enough for you


Fuck your lust away
Fuck your love away
Then fuck your life away
Fuck you
Track Name: Dig To Benghazi
The bad gets worse
The deep isn’t meaningful anymore

Fatigued by deciphering time zones; Jet lag - Wrinkled fingertips
Strawberry blonde strands entwined in lint traces
Combinations of guilt and uncertainty
Are abhorrent enough to mar me -
Place no priority, in those to whom I’m just an alternative -

Perspire for eternity solo; Padded rags - Mascara in the zips
Gunmetal grey pubic hairs clog the shower basins - Overflow

The entire globe shall rejoice in your sorrow
An entire globe in glorious bliss
Our entire world is the dirtiest shade of green
Now, our entire planet, so dirty and naive

Realising fate is a fallacy is inherent, abrupt and jarring -
Shown no humanity, from those to whom we are just an alternative -
Such an alternative

Open it up - Chew the fucking asphalt - Dig - Open it up
Not a worry in the world
Not a worry in the world – The world is a worry
It’s not my problem, so why should I care? Why the fuck should I care?
Track Name: Dr.Real Keeps It Phil
I feel so fucking sorry for you
If this is how you expect to be treated, then i feel terribly sorry for you
I’m so sorry - I feel awfully sorry for you
If this is how you insist on being treated, I feel terribly sorry for you
He’s not sorry – He’ll show no sign of mercy to you

Don’t get bitter – Get fucking better
Find better – Go get well

Hairline cracks in your rib cage and muddy footprints on your skirt,
emphasise this reiterates daily - Abuse won’t cease; violence won’t end until you pack your bags and go - Bury this behaviour in the sand before they outline you in chalk - go

When did he decide that it was suitable to smack the shit through your beautiful children? How could you approve of it, or see it fit to let him lay his hands on innocent kids? When did he decide that it was suitable to kick crap through your precious children? How could you approve of it?

A gelatinous jawline beneath heavily powdered cheeks, can’t disguise your perpetual terror - Bruising won’t ease; suffering won’t end until you tie your boots and go - Bury his behaviour in the sand before they house your family in caskets - Go

Over and over and over again - Again and again and again til it’s over
No means no - No means no
What you want and what you get are often two quite separate things
Very, very, very different things - No means no - No means no - Go

If this is how you expect to be treated, then i feel terribly sorry for you
He’s not sorry – I feel so fucking sorry for you
Show no mercy – Shown no mercy
But this is how you expect to be treated

I just want to get off, so i can finally move on
We just need to move on
Track Name: The Sebastian Lukoszek Piñata Party
Shed your porous skin

Divert your friendships - Defer all trace of empathy
Defecate in the visage of charity
Then upload a selfie with hashtags for all your fickle mates
Is it tough to cope, with the absence of benevolence, now you’re a clone? Are you a clone?

Success is who you know - Not what you know
What the fuck - What the fuck would you know?
Shed your skin - Reveal those paper mache bones

Shed your skin
Why camouflage your trepidations and insecurities;
Is your life a joke now it’s void of true companionship?
Are you a clone? What on earth gives you the right to question everything I’ve come to love? Critique everything I love

Keep your fucking mouth shut - Your eyes are closed
Leave your foul mouth shut, kunt - Your mind is closed
Clone - Beneath it all you are just a soft, self-centred prick
Flavour of the month – You’re a showbag
You are completely full of shit

You are so fucking full of shit
Selfish, oblivious cocksucker you’re just a pretender to me -
An arrogant, over-rated, childish wimp - You’re just a fucking clone